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What can Zincoat be used for?

To provide corrosion protection for steel structures that lasts as long as Hot Dipped Galvanising

How important is preparing the surface prior to painting?

Surface preparation is a crucial step to avoid any flaking, peeling or rust issues later on. Be sure to blast steel substrates with 60 µm to remove any rust, grease, oil or dirt. For HDG with natural weathering, be sure to remove any rust by blasting or wire brush prior to cleaning.

Are all steel surfaces treatable with Zincoat?

Yes, and so is Hot Dipped Galvanising - both new and aged.

How is Zincoat environmentally responsible?

Zincoat ages both by electrolytic consumption and by gradually eroding, shedding zinc - a natural component of soil. Also it only requires cleaning and the application of a single coat of fresh Zincoat for rejuvenation. This can happen as many times as the structure life requires, and without the need for environmentally challenging abrasive blasting.

How can I speak with someone from the Zincoat team?

Best way is to email us at with your full name, question and any other background information. We will respond within 24 hours and happy to set up a call time. 

How safe is Zincoat to use?

Like all liquid coating systems, Zincoat needs to be handled with appropriate care. Once it is applied and dry, it is completely non-toxic.

How is Zincoat packaged.

Zincoat is packaged into a heavy duty. 5 litre/13.5kg metal paint pail with a reusable metal ring around the lid.

Is Zincoat cost effective?

The speed and ease of application usually means a significant reduction in project duration, with immediate cost savings, and the durability of the cured film in most applications is superior to traditional coating systems. Along with the reversible binder allowing indefinite rejuvenation, the life-cycle cost benefits are considerable.

Where is Zincoat produced?

Zincoat is made in Australia, supplied by an Aboriginal owned and controlled company.