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About Us

What's Zincoat's Story

Coming from 25 years experience as a business, we understand the industry and key factors that make up an excellent Zinc coating. 

Within Zincoat our team consists of over 25 years of knowledge, production and execution of coating systems spanning across a broad spectrum of industries & government-owned assets. 

Zincoat Pty Ltd is proudly Aboriginal owned and controlled as an example to others in both the Indigenous and Christian communities

The inspiration behind the business.

We were inspired to develop the best zinc paint coating in the world and produce it in Australia.   

We have developed coating technology that provides a significantly superior result for certain applications, and we will deliver it ethically and professionally – thus filling two key needs in the corrosion protection market. 

Our most significant point of difference exists in the ability of Zincoat to be rejuvenated indefinitely, at low cost and in an environmentally friendly manner.